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PBB: Rocky Says Goodbye To His Housemates

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Rocky says goodbye to his housemates
by Heidi Anicete | December 09, 2009 11:38 PM |
Aware that Rocky’s burst of emotions might be just an impulsive thought, Big Brother gave the lad a chance to think over voluntarily exiting the house. In order to declare his final decision, Rocky was provided a pole where in he could tie a white flag to confirm his plan to voluntarily exit.

On the other hand, Big Brother tried catching the reaction of Rocky’s real life girlfriend, Eula Valdez, regarding the said decision. And while she was watching the video clip of the Rocky’s heart-to-heart conversation with Big Brother, Eula too gets pretty emotional. She simply couldn’t help but burst into tears when she heard painful issues coming from her boyfriend’s mouth. After wiping the tears off her cheeks, sadness was surprisingly replaced by gratitude. According to Eula, Rocky’s courage to admit his true emotions only testifies how lucky she is to have someone that could love her the way he does.

In the middle of the housemates’ siesta, Rocky finally declares his final decision. Right after finishing his dinner, Rocky goes in the boys’ room to get his pole of surrender, topped with a white laundry bag, to once and for all wave his intention to voluntarily exit; and from there, Big Brother instantly summoned him to the confession room to finally reunite with Eula.

To date, only thirteen housemates are left inside Big Brother’s house. Now the question remains: who is bound to follow Rocky’s exit? Find out by staying glued to the latest updates of Pinoy Big Brother Double Up.

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