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Neobux Basic Strategy

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The success of NeoBux has been so great, I believe that it is now the top paid to click program on the internet. They pay instantaneously with a low payout level. Your first payout can be made at the low level of $2.00. No more waiting for weeks to receive your payments. You can also use your account balance instantaneously to fund your referral rentals or plays in the jackpot.

A basic strategy that works very well with Neobux for is as follows:

1. Join NeoBux and view your advertisements daily 5 minutes of your time.

2. When your account balance reaches $3, rent 10 referrals from Neobux. Now these 10 referrals will be earning for you as well as yourself.

3. When you reach $3 again, repeat step 2. Buy larger groups of referrals if the money is in your account balance.

4. When you have reached 500 rental referrals, use your account balance to upgrade and you will double your earnings.

5. Continue to invest half your earning into referrals and withdraw half for you. With the excellent payment times and the great referral opportunities, I am very pleased with NeoBux and I am moving it to the top of the paid to click rankings. It is definitely a 10.

Definitely worth taking a look at,

Best of luck


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