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Palmbux: PTC Review

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Click here to join PalmBux

Earning Potential as a Standard Member:
  • $0.008 per click or ad you view.
  • $0.005 per referral click.

Upgrading to Premium:

Average # of Ads Available to Standard Members:
  • 4 to 5 ads daily

Managing Referrals:
  • You need to click at least 3 ads as a Standard member or at least 8 ads as a Premium member to receive ALL clicks from your referrals. I suggest you click ALL to maximize your referral earnings.

  • Direct referrals limit for Standard is 25, 75 for Premium. You can have more when you upgrade your membership. Take note that they charge $0.10 for every direct referral that you delete.

    This is what I don't like about them. I have deleted about 10 direct referrals because of their limit. I don't want to upgrade yet to their Premium account so I have no choice but to delete some of my direct referrals. I hope they have a way of increasing the direct referrals.

  • You can rent referrals for $0.30 each for 30 days. If you're just starting, once you have $0.30 on your account, you can rent 1 referral immediately to help you get to the cashout limit faster.

  • Rented referral limit for Standard members is 1,500. However, you can only rent 100 refs every 7 days.

  • Referrals are not always available for rentals so you have to take note of the times they release or update the rental queue.

  • They only offer referrals for rental when they've been active for the last 4 days. Good, right? This will actually help ensure that you get active referrals once you rent them.

Payouts - When & How to Withdraw Earnings:
  • Minimum cashout is $2.00. It increases by $2.00 every cashout until it reaches the fixed limit of $8.00.

  • Payments are INSTANT. However, on your first cashout, they will audit your account and you have to wait for about 7 days to receive your first payment. After this, though, all cashouts will be INSTANT.

  • You can request payments to be sent through Paypal (highly recommended) or AlertPay. The processing fee for Paypal is 8.5%, 10% for AlertPay.

  • Members from China, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan and Hongkong need to upgrade to Premium to request for cashout.

Additional Info & Features:
  • You can setup a secondary password for added security to your account.

  • They have this Daily Contest wherein they take $0.003 from your balance when you click your ads and they'll give all the accumulated amount to a random active clicker. I turned off this option on my account because I'd rather keep the money than give it to some random member. Plus, consider the odds of me winning it. But, if you want to take that chance, you can leave it on. If you want to turn it off, go to the Games menu once you're logged in and click on Daily Contest -> click on Turn Off.
  • They have this feature where you can set your account on Vacation and you will still earn money from your referrals even when you don't click daily. However, there's a limit on the number of days that they'll allow your account to be set on vacation, depending on your membership. For Standard members, you can only use this feature for 2 days. Take note also that once your account is set on Vacation mode, you will be logged out and your account will be inaccessible for the number of days you have set it to vacation mode.
    It's a very cool feature, if I may say, because you'd get 100% referral earnings. I wish other PTC sites could have this feature, too.

Payment Proofs:

What I Think Of Palmbux:
Renting and managing referrals with Palmbux is quite expensive. And I don't like that their direct referral limit for Standards is just 25. I deleted almost 10 referrals because of this. And I don't want to upgrade yet 'til I know they'll be here for another year.

I love that they pay members instantly but for now, I don't recommend upgrading or investing with Palmbux. Just continue clicking for them as a Free member. I'll keep you posted if they've already passed my standards for a reliable site where you can invest.

Latest Updates:
They will be moving to a new server to fix problems with slow loading of their website. They'll be down for about 2-3 days and they'll just add this to memberships and referrals to compensate members.


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