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My Life's Greatest Lesson

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What is the greatest lesson life has taught me?

For some reason, when I began to reflect on this question I began to think of the difficult times in life. Some of which are the death of relatives, letdowns, living a life full of debts, and many more. All of these flowed through my head as I tried to put this difficult question into perspective. But does the greatest lesson necessarily have to come from a bad time in my life? Do I really need to be involved in such things?

I tried to ask my friends and cousins, and I got amused because we thought of similar situations. And after spending a time for reflection, I came up with only one lesson.
The greatest lesson that I had ever learned is:

That we are all created equal and each and everyone of us controls our own destiny.

I have very much embraced this lesson in the past few years after a particularly difficult time in my life and the impact has been profound. Up to the point I’m referring to a couple of years ago, I very much let things come and go into my life on their own. I was like a car on cruise control. I’d make the occasional steering adjustment, but the pace of the car (and my life) was set.

Why had I not advanced in my field? Why did I mess up a great love? Why were my grades in the middle of the road? It all pointed back to a common theme. I realized that I wasn’t pushing myself enough to get what I really wanted in life. I finally reached my epiphany when I realized that we only have one route to go around in this world. If I was going to live my life to the fullest, then it was the time to take control of my destiny. The change was difficult, but I regained a work ethic and began to really drive to achieve the success in all areas of my life.

I hope I can provide some encouragement to other people by telling them that since I began my change I have never been happier. After rereading this, I conclude that it’s regardless of the bumps and bruises life has given us along the way, we have the ability to make it better. We have the possibility to create a life for yourself that you can enjoy to the fullest, we just need to make the right decision to shape your own destiny and get started, not later, not tomorrow, but right now.


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